Muscle of Your Curiosity

Giggling like a little girl, yes totally entertaining myself and it has NOTHING to do with the wine I am sipping. Recently we visited a vineyard in our neck of the woods!  Reminds me of tastes from Italy, no preservatives and quite refreshing to savor.  However THAT my friends is actually a whole other blog thought.

It’s considered “season” and this years flu has left so many bed ridden. It’s so heartbreaking to see and treat as exacerbation’s leave many frustrated and hopeless. Working within this atmosphere has a toll as one is challenged in all realms of the psyche. One must be armored for battle in a very real sense because we all know; hurting people hurt people.

I am so blessed with an amazing foundation of friends and family. Just when I think this life has thrown another “WTFREALLY?!?!? moment too many”, their presence presses in like a cloudless day, penetrating the dark places. Yup you emerge with a better understanding and sustenance.


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Today would be no different, one plans to succeed, stay kind and maintain health in all its forms, the gentle balance of give and take. And my private goal? Living debt free of course so with that thought I forge ahead, casting all private fears aside, yes even the Alfred Hitchcock thoughts. 🙂


Had an amazing trek and a sweet surprise amongst the chatter of the crows. They usually announce loudly their predator and today it would be a magnificent immature Eagle. His seven foot wing span could easily take him away from this annoyance yet he chose to stay amongst this murder of crows.

Did you know the crow has the biggest brain to body ratio among all bird species? Evolved with a highly developed fore-brain where intelligence is regulated, the anatomy of the crow brain is similar to humans. Today their chatter brought me to the foot of the great Eagle. Looking up couldn’t help but smile.

To capture these sights invigorated me. Hiking in Nature made all the political agendas silence. Observing her again made me so grateful for invisible boundaries. Thankful no walls needed here. Thankful for open trails and thankful hearts.


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May we always embrace the beauty around us, may we stay thankful, may we always have an open heart to help where we can, staying honest and kind while sharing all the love in our hearts.  In this thought I rest.

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At the Shore

Two thousand nineteen approaches and one can’t help but shake their head in disbelief, especially when you’re considered a senior citizen now. Remember my parents in their 60’s thinking they were “so old” In today’s world we have computer and algorithm’s determining age. (adore that link, they said I was 34) Yes I was born before the Internet.

Love observing nature, especially the shore birds. Every day they hunt for their food,  instinctively led or as demonstrated by their parents. Even mate choosing is for that season or life!

Parents have always played an important role and where they are fledged. Quite fascinating to watch wilderness versus urban-suburban nestings. Ospreys are so attentive and when you see a “flock” fishing look closely at their eyes; orange vs yellow and soon realize it’s a whole family fishing! Parents demonstrating how it’s done!  So unlike the Eagles, who steal not only from the Osprey, Vulture’s as well!! Opportunists indeed, eating dead prey while Osprey’s catch and eat only live fish.

Ever watch a crow or raven hunt? Better yet ever see them dead on the side of the road?!! Absolutely NEVER! They are among the most highly intelligent animals on earth, based on their ability to solve problems, make tools and consider possible future events.  Today saw one in the mix of a bunch of sea birds! Raven’s are my favorite.

Certainly had fun watching them and was wondering if they ever “play”. This is one thing I most definitely love about being human, feeling joy, being alive in it.  This day it cracked me up observing the balance act below. Mr Pelican was extremely tolerant as both were focused on the goal, circling bate fish.

Pelicans waddle well and their take off skills are bit clumsy looking but wow can they soar! They are also very tolerant of other birds if they’re not eating them! Although pelicans specialize in eating fish, they also prey on amphibians, turtles, and yes other birds. If it can fit down their throats, it’s fair game!! WEEEeeee~

Soaring birds delight me as they maneuver through unseen wind patterns ignites the desires to fly, to sail!!  Something about wind and water, this combination is what attracts me to the sea and I think living on the water would be an incredible adventure.  This attraction draws me to the seashore weekly.

It’s definitely a delicate balance, water, air, fire and earth. All elements so vital for survival. Elements which enthral me. Smiling here, realize my favorite people in the whole world are of course my children and best friends; scorpio and pisces. Afterall were not the three wise men led by a star? A thought-provoking science indeed.

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It’s been an interesting year. Letting go of preconceived idea of living love, while recognizing the abounding steadfast commitment and daily infusions of a deeply engaging life with this silly perma smile on my face.  Ahh to trust a loving friendship again is like  trusting your very own “gut” again!

Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.

Totally must admit, this year cusps on such a delicate sense of vulnerability. It feels like truth and looks like courage, definitely not comfortable yet totally remains real. Yes, effort is everything! Just like nature, one day at a time LIVE and NEVER give up on love.

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Month of White

Can’t believe it’s December already!! Of course living in Florida has a way of negating Jack Frost’s presence and the white fluffy stuff is just something we can surf!

Today thinking what an interesting few years it has been. Friendships have lasted, pets are the same, yet so ironic how widowship launched me into an almost vagabond lifestyle.

Looking at nature, the shore birds, this season of shedding, magnifies once again the importance of being present, staying thankful for the smallest of refreshings. The hug from a person who really loves you, that call from a long time friend, wagging tails and genuine smiles from cohorts.

Read recently a quote which made me pause;

“All the trees are loosing their leaves and not one of them is worried”

And just like this lil fluffy plover, King of this Coral Hill, reflecting a calm demeanor, a puff ball of cuteness.

A few feet away spied another Florida Shore bird, the Willet.

This day met a new surfer Ryan, he reminded me of my grandson, olive eyes, enthusiastic and greatly in ♡ with the sport.

Have such a soft spot for surfers. Many I know are struggling financially.  Like most artists, their passion of creating and conquering, surpasses any fundamental overture of showcasing themselves. Nope will never charge a surfer and basically have difficulty accepting money period. Below is surfer Lance sporting his dreads!

So attempted to snap some shots for Ryan this day when unexpectedly captured an injury in the making. My heart dropped as I heard Gary say; “Aw I think he’s hurt” and indeed witnessed the dislocation of his left shoulder! @#$$#!


He managed to get safely to shore and I will never ever forget his statement; “Were you able to get me standing?” with my reply “I think so” (not mentioning I definitely filmed the dislocation) he states; “then it was worth it.”

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It was an honor to film him.  Later after his visit to the hospital, we planned a future shoot when he is all healed.


This month it reflected once again the importance of family and how we carry them with us, no matter where we are.

“I have accepted fear as part of life- specifically the fear of change.” –  Erica Jong 

Capturing beauty around us is an adventure, yes my heart felt desire. Sometimes it’s a workout, trekking through the unknown or caught in a storm despite fair weather forecasts. You learn to ride out the storm, surf waves of indecision knowing, this too shall pass.

And when you lay your head down for a new nights rest you can’t help but smile.  Yup all the pain, the heartache, the unknown, was part of a neat attraction meant for personal growth. Wonder what tomorrow will bring?! ♡

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Reside in the Treasure Coast, work mostly in Central Florida and so looking forward to retirement. Retirement is kinda like a treasure thought;  free time to do absolutely whatever we want.  What a great pondering if you’re disciplined and debt free!

“Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law”

My dear friend has shared his heart dreams with me and it so makes me smile, love to see souls refueled. He is disciplined in many areas of his life, especially his understanding of finances. Truly when you have no credit card debt; home and cars paid off, wow, talk about stress free!

This man has learned to do without, trained himself to let go of comforts that many I know would never submit to, including myself. Talk about bringing out the curl in your knor! (and head) Smiling as I write this, he has helped me apply to my own personal life disciplines unthought of. Challenged me in a good way and today I prosper because of it.

Finally have given up attempting to do everything by myself. Understanding the word power and treasure the findings; working together makes me capable of exceeding my own expectations miraculously watching everything fall into place. No more small goals. Now my goals are intermingling with an amazing partner who knows how to ride out the waves of change.

As we meandered down the beach; no red tide signs however plenty of shore birds, they always make me smile so!! And of course must capture them, and my dear friend riding in those waves!! Florida is so beautiful!

We also met an athlete; Eri Tenario. Funny we have been thinking about Paddle Boarding and lo and behold LOOK who appeared at our private beach!! 🙂 What a pleasant man and he gave me some pointers on how we should start out. I told him he should apply to SURVIVOR (my fave TV reality show). 🙂  You know come to think of it, I SHOULD APPLY as a photographer, would love to visit the FiJi Islands!!

And then I see the beauty all around us right here! Yes, visiting places are nice, however to recognize the heaven right at your doorstep? PRICELESS!!

He certainly was ripped and well, he worked hard to get where he is!  There is so much emphasis on a quick fix in society. Nothing can replace diligent focused hard work. Smile INDEED!!

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No one is entitled to anything in this world, we are all equal. We breathe the same air and we get what we give. True some things happen which are senseless, in these things will submit to the truth I know and be thankful in it.

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Flip Flop Exposure

It had been forever since planning a trek in Nature. The nature of self sufficiency had taken over my life, well one does need to eat would loudly think, yet deep inside knew I was drowning out much deeper thoughts. Suddenly a butterfly flitted in front of me, had to pull the car over to film her flight. She was breathtaking, gliding effortlessly as I followed her path. It was magical.

Thinking about metamorphosis and human natures evolution, nothing in a caterpillar even remotely looks like a butterfly and what it has to do to inherit wings?! Goodness, it needs to be sheltered in one place and hopefully not be destroyed in the process.  Like the butterfly, we need to distance ourselves from the the webs of sedentary ways.

Yes, it was good to be out when all of a sudden what do we see?? A wild hog and her piglet! She was very thirsty and it was an honor to film her. Ah to quench a thirst.

So much fun filming these two. Thirst must have been stronger than any felt fear of our presence. This one pic captured her eyeful of kindness. Such a sweet creature.

Recently cleaned up my eating habits; no sugar, alcohol or caffeine and a balanced diet of protein starch and vegi’s. Talk about ZEN! Not only did we shed the pounds, energy off the map and crystal clear thinking! Any fog has lifted permanently! Humble gratitude to my dear Sponsor and friend Susan and our mentor and founder Kay Shepphard.  Encourage anyone reading this to absorb her profound teachings, she is indeed a very live Saint here on Earth.

As we continued down the path, sweat streamed from our bodies, sun was scorching yet the bits of shade from the massive oaks shielded us. I heard my friend stumble on roots in the path, she had on massive hiking boots which was smart. No piercing branch, stone or hidden creature would penetrate her flesh.  I was sidestepping pools of water from the recent rains.  Spider webs dangling in mid air and these places could suck the shoe right off your foot.  It made me smile so. Today wanted nothing but comfort and this meant flip flop exposure to the elements. Kinda knew where we were hiking so took a chance on comfort and was rewarded with no bites of any kind. Just a gentle reminder, at the very end of our hike, heading back to the parking lot when an air fern fell in front of us and instantly wrapped around my foot!

Beauty is a harmonious relation between something in our nature and the quality of the object which delights us.Blaise Pascal

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Spending time in Nature has a way of exposing our attachments, our passions and our sense of balance. Ask any wild life photographer, look at their work and you will see their soul. Today would be another day of exposure. Another day of reflection and expounding gratitude.

There was no beauty found without risk. No life without it. Yes this is why I love spending time in Nature. Yes this is why I love living life curiously, gently approaching, touching,  the boundaries of Heaven.

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Living Life Free

Interesting month with intersections of the here and now vs then and why. Yes why does one live in the past with regrets? Maybe because it hurts to change. Paradigm shifts have a way of converging the old with the new and everyone knows ONE HAS TO GO, or do they? Maybe all it takes is to look at the situation differently.

Had a great month filming my clients; nature and humans. Interaction is similar; get to know the species and respect and honor their presence. Well isn’t that loving thy neighbor as thyself?

Find it incredibly fascinating how the nature of the moment, the lesson, presents itself. The answer is always there, right there where you are and most importantly how are you asking the question?

Went to my favorite beach for a photo shoot. Asking myself why it was special to me and immediately knew, all the Naturists I met were sincere. Stripping themselves of social stigmas, they presented authentically. It reminded me of times in my youth, taking my suite off to swim because “it felt better”, not understanding lex terrae;, the law of the land, at the age of three.

Well this particular day the sunrise was spectacular. My friend turned 30 and plans were to greet the new day with the early morning rays. We were not disappointed, maybe a bit displaced as we danced around the sand due to the presence of no-see-ums.  They certainly accelerated the shoot and made for some interesting shots despite the pestilence.

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Yup, never let any circumstance steal your joy!

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Puppy Love

“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.”  – Kinky Friedman

Life is certainly an adventure!! Today smiling thinking air fryers are amazing, ninja cookers and mixers incredible and as we totally enjoy consuming healthy foods, however nothing can compare to the joy given by our fuzzy feathered family!

Each one a rescue, (except Kiwi, my canary, he was a birthday surprise) each one a unique disposition, each one a very special place in our hearts. Our Kiwi warbles all day long and it reminds me of those childhood mornings, when nature would sing praise to the dawn.

Now Yoshi, Congo African Grey, oh my, linguistic genius and what a character! Birds are different, birds innately flock and most mate for life and usually take to one human in the household, this would be me. Never forget the time coming home from work and hear; “Your bird wouldn’t let me take a shit” And there he was; sitting atop of the toilet roll dispenser, all fluffed up and happy as a bird with a french fry.

Yup, Yoshi is quite the character and does not tolerate any barking from the dogs, well you can hear him in the background in the small clip below, yup that’s our bird!

They bring so much to our lives; like every facet of our family, reflection and thanksgiving enriches. I suppose what we remember and cherish in our journey reveals the state of our hearts. I am thankful for this time in my life, for the restoration and the reality. Love surrounds us.

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Today as we spend time inside, hearing about a year round battle of climate change, epic drought, wild fires, red tides and dangerous blue green algae, which is literally growing in our back yard, I tear up. Is it enough we cherish what we have? True, we may pass contentment while looking for victory.

Thankful for the moments, ready for change and love for the environment to grow in every household.   Amen.

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