Crazy world reports and more than ever thankful for the quiet times. Spacing time spent on social media though do enjoy these new apps! However this month a bit pissed off processing a new find indeed, someone stole my identity. Nothing that wiped out my bank account or ruined my credit, no nothing like that more an attack on my art. Fake site with my picture, my name and a web site selling my photography in Pakistan of all places! When one is “stolen from” plagiarized or worse, a hidden jewel from my teachings whisper sanity.

 Summing it all up, friends, I’d say you’ll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse. Put into practice what you learned from me, what you heard and saw and realized. Do that, and God, who makes everything work together, will work you into his most excellent harmonies.

Thankful we can pick and choose, not necessarily an assignment, never know who you are going to Rx yet, if your inner compass is aligned outcomes will be filled with a sense of job well done. In this sense shift my thoughts into the people who will find comfort purchasing my art.

For with what measure ye mete it shall be measured to you again Luke 6:38

Many are on tilt these days, private battles have worn them down to their core, no faking your essence, road rage is a perfect example. Yes, another reason adore Instacart; same day delivery without the hassle of driving, parking and interaction with other humans, guess I like camouflage, ahh to hide in plain site.

Looking back at my camouflage shots makes me smile, little did I know how the trip in 2016 would bring me comfort today. Pre Covid….pre upheaval for many, pre reset, pre reveal, onwards we trek.

You’re the same person as in 2016 however this year; being a patient yourself well it changes you. PTSD is real. Sigh…an inwards we process. How do you process?

Today lean on the importance of staying thankful. With all the monetary pressures one must understand the debt cycle. Declutter where possible remembering if you can’t find an opportunity to have fun, celebrate, contemplate so not to lose a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose! Work towards a goal, discipline yourself, love yourself enough to shed the apathy of this season.

My goodness get out in nature, ride a bike, learn to surf, W A L K, just breathe!! It’s time to turn off the TV, put down the Harlequin novels, yes let grief ebb.. My friend it’s time to live again. After all you do realize we are at war? Yes Covid was designed to KILL, 9/11 was designed to dismember, and we are called to live in the now. Define shipwrecked 🙂 heck, it’s all a very deep adventure.

“Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.” – Albert Camus

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Summer Heat

Are you hot?! 🙂

No AC, no working washing machine, yup like living on a boat minus the rocking of the waves putting one to sleep. Oh and lets add modern day plague with a senile President to the mix. Ok maybe not full blown dementia, however after being in the health field since I was 15, guess what, recognize mental decompensation. Also recognize engineered recidivism and the artificial creation of a disease with a pandemic response.

This is my world, yet can’t help but smile. One must learn to withdraw from this knowing, so to rise above the insanity, the heat and aggravation of no return.

Think once we realize we subconsciously attract what we need for the lesson, the battling becomes easier. Always remembering every war, every heartache will eventually boomerang one back on the road to discovery. You will face many defeats yet key is not to be defeated, NEVER give up hope!

Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” Proverbs 27:17

Think the most hurtful disagreements can happen in the constraints of family. Ghosting has to be my personal worse treatment towards any human being; Ghosting — when someone cuts off all communication without explanation — extends to all things, it seems. Most of us think about it in the context of digital departure: a friend not responding to a text, or worse, a lover, but it happens across all social circumstances and it’s tied to the way we view the world. Trust me, if you’ve been ghosted hind sight will reveal; you’ve been blessed. Divorce or any broken relationship. As my Gary loves to quote; “when one door closes another opens”. Yes, another wave of refreshing will begin.

Emerald is a shade of green, a color that symbolizes balance and harmony

Today back battling in the medical field. Why? A still small voice encouraged me to get back up. Mountains of medical debt, credit card debt one can’t help to dust off and plow forward, yes run the good race or be plowed over. Honestly the journey will refresh you, not saying you won’t feel pain, you won’t question “WTH?” you won’t feel hot streams flowing from your eyes, may even question your sanity…..just when you think you’re done…..a suddenly will come.

Key is never ever give up hope, get back up, oh and look up, look down, look all around! Yes miracles abound however usually not found while laying around in a paralytic fetal position of poor me. Story of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory come to mind. 🙂

Today not sure who this will touch, maybe no one and that is ok, its a prayer being sent over cyber space, knowing every ounce of kindness, love thoughts and actions, TOUCH and yes CHANGE what may seemingly be impossible, no matter how dark it may appear.

HOPE will rise, opening portals of the miraculous, and this I pray for you, no matter how dark it may seem……don’t give up, never give up. AND it doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop! The landscape may be hilly, apparently mountainous, with lots of unknowns and scary things to face, remember it’s usually scary for those “others” too.

“I look around and see so much fear, people getting more and more comfortable with their hate, more at ease being mean, more united in their separation. And I think, NO. Not me. I will not get lost in this fearful world. I will not play with bullies. I will continue to be brave and kind. I will speak for real unity. And no matter what, I will never stop loving.”
― Scott Stabile

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Was looking at the flowering buds thinking about the beauty of spring. This year we are saving all our organics as compost. Little did we know what our pile would reveal nor who it would attract!

You never know what beauty will evolve from a compost pile~

One may +feel+ like +trash+ momentarily in life. Well if your beloved +trades you in for a younger version+ or ANYONE. Your betrothal had nothing to do with your soul, nope you were always expendable. Sigh ….you look up and wonder why~

Photo captured by my precious friend ©Judith Davies

Today I smile knowing truth; as long as YOU are kind, honest, guess what, you will ALWAYS end up on the right path and in the arms of +meant to be+ All you have to do is BELIEVE!! Yup it will put a smile on your face, masked or unmasked!

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Today is Cinco de Mayo

May is a refreshing month, the month of my precious first borne daughter!! Was so teary eyed reminiscing, ahh they grow up so fast. Both daughters in their 40’s this year DANG life has a way of zipping by! Remembering our last venture to her home in the middle of the good ole USA. Vibrant green, vibrant daughter! She’s quite the entrepreneur! Amazon queen!

Remember when she was YOUTUBE phenomena, winning awards left and right….and then she morphed. Quite a feat in this day an age of Covid, stripping the human to expose all weakness, yup what one is; magnifies!

And the beauty I see? Yup makes this mama proud!

“Life can be a storm, but your hope is a rainbow and your friends and family are the gold.” Steve Maraboli

Walking amongst the beauty of her land, reacquainting with my grands, letting them meet my best friend once again, well life sure felt FULL, and to be filled was a necessary! Little did we know what was about to manifest in ALL our lives. I thank God for the memories, and what the true meaning of family is all about, YES how staying grateful is the inoculation against apathy….death amongst the living. Yup ya just gotta HANG ON, never EVER give up!

Elena wanted a pet cow, never forget the time she caught one and literally halter trained it and gave it daily showers! That drooling calf LOVED her, sadly the owner figured his money maker broke through a fence. Thankful this lil guy knew genuine love before he was slaughtered. Life can be a gruesome reality for the vegan. Not the consumer tho, no, they just eat what they do not have to slaughter, but I digress.

Most recently she fell in love with a lil calf the Amish had I believe, it had a heart on it’s forehead and from what I remember; “love at first sight” for both human and animal. It broke in through the doggie door and made its way up to her bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a good thing she had halter trained her calf so to get her back outside. Cows are so intelligent and love being part of a family. I really think she thought she was a dog.

This precious beast recently gave birth to yet another offspring of love; yes another heart on a forehead being raised by the Amish. Her land wasn’t large enough, yet somehow deep in my heart think this will change, afterall, my grands are observing all of these precious memories made. It kinda seeds the future generations, ALL of our interactions…don’t you ever doubt your presence doesn’t make a difference!

Each time you love, love as deeply as if it were forever.- Audrey Lorde

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Is ignorance bliss? NAH!

Aim and trust the process

Went to the beach last night, its been a habit of ours, wonderful habit. Every time we elect to dine out we make our way to the ocean to digest. Nature has a way of refreshing 24/7, a wonderful dessert.

It’s a gift we give to ourselves. Old and grey now, we smile, reflections are shocking as our spirit doesn’t feel quite THAT old, yet we know we only got a 100 years to live….. ~ we’re moving on.

“Fishing is like dating; it’s all  catch and release until you find a keeper.”

Tears stream my cheeks, hot ones as it’s a season of great awakening, great change. Heard so many times the change must be within so one can stand on the truth, for alone sometimes one must stand.

A well-developed sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life. William Arthur Ward

Walks in nature keep me sane. Choosing to react with kindness today is a martial art; the white belt who never quit. This month remember teachings from my youth, a delicate webb embraces with the now.

“We touch other people’s lives simply by existing” -JK Rowling

Spied a lone Willet fishing an intimate moment captured. Shore birds always amaze me, ignoring the humans they live and find sustenance, a teaching I need to remember.

Never disappointed with nature scapes. Truly an injection of almost subconscious rememberings, which heal. It’s as if Gary knows as he voices; “You ready?” as light rain mists our faces.

Looking back spy another squadron flying in. Sometimes it’s difficult to pull away.

“I’m ready”

It’s a half truth reply. It will be dark soon however what I will be ready for is the upload! 🙂

The heart of man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, it has its tides and in its depths, it has its pearls too.”– Vincent van Gogh
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March Madness

Amazing visit with my family this month, brought me to tears. Why? Miracles abound, despite this season of chaos in this world. When one is thankful, portals of heaven open up!  Yup. pelicans pose, wind refreshes and turbulence of blue, seas the day  🙂

We went to the beach and encountered vistas of beauty, difficult to find a parking space though! Looking at the license plates; 12 from out of state, made me realize some people have their priorities straight. It was worth every moment of the bumper to bumper

Firmly believe we attract what we need for lessons sake.  The same goes for finding inner peace, it’s not so much something you have to create as it is something that you have to return to.

If you have a weakness in your body, in your character, exposure is self evident. Stress has a way of triggering your subconscious and those lost parts of ourselves, the hurt inner child will surface. Key is to befriend YOU; that ever hopeful inner child, within you (who) STILL wants to live, explore and find peace, happiness and abundance. -Lisa A Romano 

The spirit of the pelican is commonly associated with the virtues of humility, sacrifice, generosity, and unity. They’re loyal, trustworthy, and dependable.

This month was filled with whirlwind adventures as the child within me was READY! Prosperity was returning and so was the spirit of discovery. It tickled me to know my precious grandson and daughter were doing the same all while selling cotton candy @Mardi Gras!!!!! Never been there, and like my mom before me, she never did a poker run to Key West on a Harley! Giggling while writing this, ahh I so love my family and the divine protection around all of us, if we only will embrace the now and live our dreams today.

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Valentine Month

You can be in your sixties and still LOVE LOVE!! Love the attention, love the warmth, love the embrace of caring in ALL of it’s forms.

The above came as an overture, Gary has a way of making me smile, a gift done through actions. His words pierce, a scorpio to the bone. He is rarely wrong, however we won’t tell him that today 🙂 Basic, he loves spending time with me, genuine time. His love for Nature supersedes all memories as raw passion has a way of replenishing, fueling hope as one lives their dream. I believe this is called authentic living.

In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect…~

Did I mention he was instrumental in prolonging my life? As dramatic as it sounds it’s true to the bone. He drove two in a half hours to my home and forced me to go to the hospital. My family had welfare checks, of course told the Police; “I am fine, and just need to rest more.” Blows me away when I think back, seems all surreal. Just like the time an owl flew over my head and I just happened to have my camera ready.

Suddenlies in life, change you.

Owls are tied to the spiritual symbolism of “death” which brings about new beginnings with a higher understanding and evolved perspective. Owls can show up when you are being asked to listen to your intuition.

“A wise, old owl sat in an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke. The less he spoke, the more he heard. Why can’t we be like that wise old bird?” – Edward Hersey Richards

This month the US in on high alert and for the religious, intercession is a powerful engagement. Russia may invade Ukraine and as we all know, war reshapes Issue of a draft from 18-60 is announced by their President today and I sit here and think; What if this was my grandchildren and children mandated to go off to war?

So now will listen to the foam pop and sizzle as waves soothe the parched sand offering morsels of replenishment for the shore birds. Looking into their eyes, soothes me. They trust my presence. They are beyond adorable! They are fearless.

We keep waiting for that amazing thing to happen in the future that will be the key to our happiness. But this is it. Right now. Life continues to be a series of right nows. So learn to love right now, and you’ll have an amazing life. –  Barrie Davenport

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Back and Breathing

It’s been a long haul so thankful C19 is behind me! So much to update!

Been rehabbing over here on the East Coast of Florida with Gary.  Actually comfortably walking now with my 400 over my shoulder. It’s so good to feel at home within a slow paced lifestyle.

Gary and Me

It hasn’t been an easy road, still get pretty short of breath however so thankful the worst is over, I AM ALIVE ! ! It was two years straight caring for  C 19 patients and then I guess it was just a matter of time before; “getting bit by the snake”.

Now find I am critically retired, it’s been extremely humbling, loss of hair, loss of a lifestyle, disease is such a humbling experience.

After you find out all the things that can go wrong, your life becomes less about living and more about waiting”

Initially never loss sense of smell or taste, 2021 May was accompanied with debilitating fatigue and body aches. Truly thought it was just symptomatic of a low hemoglobin and stress.   

The real challenge of retirement or semi-retirement is discipline. No more 12-hour shifts and running wild, now must discipline myself, exercise, it’s so easy to give into the couch. This was never really part of my nature except for the occasional binge-watching of HGTV!

Well let me upload some pictures of my latest treck. It was breathtaking literally and figuratively and the most eye-widening reality was reading about where one hike was taking us; around the burial ground of a serial killer located in Martin County Florida!!

Yah to say it didn’t give me the chills would be an understatement.  Here is where we encountered the stomping grounds of a demented soul.

The trails are actually laden with huge old oaks and vistas of beauty

The Devil Tree

The park location is in Port St Lucie Florida, never sensed the evil of the past however the old tree, it looked tormented. Did film a few moments not sure if they will upload here but let me give it a shot.

Take nothing for granted. Not one blessed, cool mountain day or one hellish, desert day or one sweaty, stinky, hiking companion. It is all a gift.” – Cindy Ross

It’s great to be out in nature again…dreaming again…ahh YES!

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Part 3 ANZU

Anzu was the most abused little bird I ever encountered. She hated humans and we can not even imagine what she had to endure. She was recovered on a farm, wings hacked back and every human she encountered was hissed at.

A sound like we would imagine a dinosaur making; raptor warning certainly! A local breeder shared she was probably no doubt used as a “breeder” for her red factor

One day she came out and daily interacted. She appeared to be actually enjoying our company!

I worked with her daily and felt we were making progress

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Part 2 ANZU

After Yoshi was stolen went through a dark time, life around the house became so so quiet. Still said “Bye Yosh” every morning to an empty perch. Hot tears would stream my face and there were more important things to do…like “pull up my big girl panties”, face my Covid patients, masking up realized my joy was almost stolen.

Yoshi was a great JOY in my life, my families life, my friends!! He touched many a human soul, actually suppose we have no idea how a presence is loved, until they can’t be.

Refocused, processed and knew it was time to love again, save for another, decided a parrot in our lives was a choice, suppose it’s right up there with the thought of marriage. Owning a pet is a commitment, loving again is the discovery of ourselves in others. So just when I was wondering which direction to go received the most loving text from a bird lover in Louisiana. Never been there, however road trip was on the Horizon as someone was gifting me with another bird!! It was really all quite miraculous. May I introduce you all to Anzu’s rescuer, precious first responder Tracy. This woman is beyond precious, meeting her, reflected hope. Tracy was encouraging me to love on.

Truly believe we attract what we need. Yes Tracy reached out and plucked me from depression. So did Alyson when she shared about her son, every person that reached out with a caring heart helped me to heal. Enter Anzu

In the market today there are advertisements for this Exotic Red Factor for African Greys. Always an angle to be strikingly “different” … sigh red factor means they have red feathers due to an actual mutation where they are born with extra red and never lose them it can be this or a sign of liver disease.

Little Anzu looked like she had a red scarf around her neck, at first I thought maybe she was a plucker and then soon learned about the red factor. And zoo was purchased by Tracy at an auction she was severely abused by humans who knows what this little guy went through but Tracy said she worked with her for a year and couldn’t get her really to do much or come out of a cardboard box and she would cling 6 hours at a time on the side of her cage. Yup, was was up for the challenge of loving her back to normalcy, so totally could relate to her

Anzu was starting to trust humans again….

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