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A New Chapter… ADVENTURE! β€œIn a spirit of hope and new beginnings, we linked arms like a couple of kids. Pushing aside sad thoughts, we strode off into our future.” ― A.B. Shepherd, Lifeboat

It’s been an amazing trek these past few months, adore springtime don’t you?! You can sense it in the air, you can see it amongst God’s critters, explosion of energy as the male’s of each species proudly strut their stuff! … Continue reading

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INDULGE! Open your eyes and catch the JOY and not necessarily pee in peace

It really is all around us you know, JOY! This morning giggles erupted when I realized I wasn’t quite alone in the bathroom, no someone followed me in there and wasn’t about to let me pee in peace. I forgot … Continue reading

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Grace, Mercy and Peace

Yesterday a friend from long ago shared about her Dad’s passing. Recently my husband and I felt the same pain, different degree’s, nevertheless, like the fire, various reaction products were emitted. I’m no sage. It’s quite simple actually, love and … Continue reading

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A Family Reunion; Tribute to my Hubby’s Siblings

My husband lost his mom recently. Sadly she never planned on departing this earth while living in Florida, nevertheless it happened. She made all the plans tho, her will, burial and cemetery plots, however when she died, the ground was … Continue reading

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What if…death do us part aborts the living?

Forgotten the delicate surrender which erupted into great passion, orgasmic transference of another soul, not once but three times, passionate awareness portals flesh incarnate. A joy so profound, tears rush from a place once known, the promise of two becoming … Continue reading

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Three Generations and Growing…Did I dream this Half My Life Ago?!

Had no idea it would be so FULL this life!!! Below is me, my youngest daughter with her child, my grandchild! Reminisce fishing with my daughter’s and now to witness this? Tears me up it does! Flashback!! Me, Kenny and … Continue reading

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