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A Very Very Small Bird Hiding in the Reeds…

His name? “Least Bittern” per Identification @ the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and here he is! Now you can see just what I saw. Honestly from far away he looked like a clump of cotton but as I zoomed in … Continue reading

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A Call to Romance … Refreshing Winged Flight

Is it expectancy that creates it…this thing called romance? A day off for me means a time to “Trek”, time to pick up my camera and let it transport. It’s magical this agent.  This instrument called “telephoto lens”. The portal … Continue reading

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May I never forget the Wisdom You shared with me today…

Nothing like an adventure in the wetlands of Florida to strike you into awe! The flora and wildlife is engaging, inspiring, … sacred. Sometimes I just sit, feel and listen, to the wind, the birds and it is usually best … Continue reading

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Did you know the sex of a Gator is determined by the temperature of its nest?!

Had a recent encounter with a Gator. Saw the usual, allusive log float, the beauty of the reflected sun off its back and vegetation. It’s at that moment he leapt out of the water and of course with camera in hand, … Continue reading

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School Pictures appear on Facebook!

Facebook is an amazing place. Friends from our past appear and warm your hearts from an innocent period. Yup, fresh with ideas, hopes and aspirations we forged into the future. Recently tagged on one photo and was surprised by a … Continue reading

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