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Northern Comfort; A Season Called Mine

Today I had the honor of meeting some incredible souls. They are in their 90’s,  grandparents who are incredibly active and told; “they have really slowed down”.  This day he’s up at dawn mowing 2 acres of their 32 acre farm, … Continue reading

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Sunsets of Life While One EXITS the HIGHWAY!

What an amazing time in our lives right now. Invitation to visit my family in Canada was accepted and to hear my children state;  “Renovation in Progress”, makes my heart swell. Their renovations were our dreams of long ago! So … Continue reading

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So thank-FULL to be a MOM! Yup Overflow

It’s been rough these last few years, my beloveds, are dying. Buried dad two years ago and well, dad and I understood each other. Didn’t have to speak one word, just looked into his eyes and he knew, even when … Continue reading

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Celebration!!! Joy does come in the Morning! Just have to know what to drink in

It was an interesting yesterday and last night for that matter! A brimful day, started with a Meetup with souls who love nature as much as I do. One woman actually traveled one hour to start the day with us! … Continue reading

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