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Traveled to Viera Wetlands the other day and lo and behold it was closed. These trails are different from what one is use to down south.  This wetland is surrounded by a dirt road so it’s great for the wheel chair bound as they drive around and observe nature from their air conditioned car.  However if it rains heavily the day before they close the route as a car may get stuck.

So what did I do? Hiked around the area on foot and almost passed out from the heat! It was worth it as breathtaking beauty was everywhere.

Saw one brave soul on a bike and this guy decided to fly in and take a look at us. Yes he was watching him and me perty down closely.

Birds are fascinating. They look right through you. Thankful I wasn’t a threat and my approach didn’t disturb them.

Loved this cute basking Anhinga and lil Tri Color Heron as he fluffed himself up in the Sun. They too were enjoying the gift of daylight on their body.


Wild butterflies, dragonfly’s and birds in flight. What more could one ask for? Yes, I was in Heaven

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Yup you have to have it to see them,  vision is a gift,  understanding a virtue  and every time we walk in nature a moment is birthed and sometimes a message pierces our heart.

 “If I paint a wild horse, you might not see the horse… but surely you will see the wildness!”  ― Pablo Picasso

Been taken out of some environments which weren’t healthy for me. A friend recently stated; “You were sent for a reason” and it was about a totally different subject matter, however her words struck me and the proverbial chord was now echoing in my heart.  Was in the now,  not looking back or even concerned about tomorrow,  yes,  a miracle indeed!

When my father died,  my mom was exposed to some elements of the harshest kind and one totally understood her loss.  Death has a way of doing this and though we know it truly will touch every human being,  sometimes we live like it shan’t.

When the husband of my youth left me,  the shock was appalling.  Never visualized my life with out his physical presence next to me.  His sensuous nature was all consuming and he plunged deep,  who else could master such love? It’s then one learns the here and now is an illusion of sorts.  Every time I looked into my children’s eyes I saw the promise,  the hope, the transfiguration of a love so real,  a memory never to be stripped away. It didn’t matter about our own personal weaknesses for radical forgiveness was in motion

This last year has been interesting.  People have been inviting me to film with them, souls with similar passions, “angels on earth“.  These sisters and brothers with the same Love I have being in nature.  Some are full fledged Ornithologists,  humble and educating.  Others lonely and frail and one a mighty saint.  Each has their story,  each so translucent and wonderfully made. The human capacity to love is outrageous!

When on a trek in nature all your senses are ready to capture the moment. You are keenly observing every leaf, branch,  every ripple of water or shaking grass.  Patiently scanning you see,  even when it’s quite dark!

And you find, after the rain is when many seek the sun . . . so to be able to soar again

Three days after my dad died I had a dream. In that dream he appeared to me, he came out of a blizzard, white blinding crystalized snow, so vividly he came,  onto a back porch where I greeted him and he shared how he was being taught by Archbishop Sheen “how to draw a straight line” thinking it was an infantile statement  he grabbed my hand and there was a pencil in it and he put his hand on top of mine to guide me, to also draw a straight line.  Immediately I knew what the plumb line of righteousness was.

The here and there were a reflection of the whole, in an instant I knew what was meant by; “The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God’s eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.”  ― Meister EckhartSermons of Meister Eckhart

Now to trust the Hand that is Guiding me.


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Breezy Days

Read something which kinda made me say out loud; “Hummm”

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” CG Jung

Well “clap clap clap”  I chose living stress free without even realizing it!!! Ok not TOTALLY stress free,  still adjusting to the facts; no health insurance, no steady income, the kinda stuff for a lifetime I felt was necessary.

Maybe I am finally growing up spiritually?

A dear friend recently wrote; “If we desire to let go, it means that there is something we are holding on to that really matters to us.  It could be an expectation, a core belief,  a need to be right or a deep wound.  The need to hold onto something we hold dear or find important causes us to tighten or cling to what we know or believe.  I always tell people that it’s not the situation that causes our feelings, but the meaning we give it. This makes it very personal and perhaps difficult for others to understand.   So, rather than consider whether you are ready to let go, consider loosening around the meaning you have attached to it.  Since our personal beliefs are so dear to us, we may find this difficult” ~ Mary Canane LMHC

She was so right and sometimes when it isn’t for our best interest a “suddenly” just may have to happen in our own lives to sever us from deaths door.  If that wasn’t enough to digest this morning my alarm clock woke me up on a day I didn’t have work. So what do I do, well open up my messages of course!  Another smack hits me, this time it was from a photography friend on Facebook. Her post read like this;

“Don’t take anything personally. Even when a situation seems so personal, even if others insult you directly, it has nothing to do with you. Their point of view and opinion come from all the programming they received growing up. When you take things personally, you feel offended and your reaction is to defend your beliefs and create conflict. You make something big out of something so little because you have the need to be right and make everybody else wrong.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

So after a prayer and giving thanks went back to bed smiling. Disconnection from stress, letting go of control, was going to be a whole new way of living.  A welcomed adventure indeed!

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You Did Hear!

Life changes and almost didn’t travel due to financial restraints. Remember my daughter saying; “Mom you need to breathe in this fresh Canadian air”,  she was so right.  First morning light was greeted by chirping birds and now could see the mist rising over the water.  Mysterious indeed, knew it was time to capture this on film

The air is cold, not use to seeing my breath. Memories of my New England childhood flood in and these sights tear me up. Deep greens and little pine cones and daisy’s laden the grass. My buddy Toby kept me company as visions unfolded. We were in the country!



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Everywhere beauty was to be found and was caught up in the Joy of the unfolding light.

Birds were everywhere and their movements so swift, not like back home where the stationary Egret or Great Blue Heron would be found stalking prey. No it was different here in the Canadian woods. Could hear them however tracking them was an art in itself they certainly did not sit long!

Of course the most amazing moments were viewing the interactions of my loving family. Cuddles and flower smelling, canoeing and swinging, living without trauma or drama.

As I sit here sipping my coffee in the early morning hour, reviewing the photo’s and compiling for this blog I look up. Inscribed on my children’s wall are these words;

“May Our Home know joy, each room hold laughter, 

every window open to great possibilities”

Thank you God for answering my prayer

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Triple B; Birds Bee’s and Butterfly’s

A trauma came in, of course many visit this sanctioned Level 1 Facility.  Motor Vehicle Accident’s, Falls, Shootings, Drownings, Attempted Murders, Rapes, Animal mauling’s, Suicide attempts and the occasional Electrocutions.  This is what I have seen in my ten years of service. Yes, you think you’ve seen it all, however, this was a personal first accompanied with the smell of burning flesh.

This day a man was moving a tree, holding the tree blindly at the base the branches touch live power lines.  Electric bolt travels through tree and then through this patient.  Exit wounds are seen bilaterally, slit wide and larger then a golf ball, his socks melted into his feet.  All his flesh looks like a bad sun burn and he’s alive. He is on a 2l n/c and stable, talking, one (me) would think initially “a miracle”, however this is not the case. His inside has changed, he’s still “cooking” its like a “microwave” zap.

All his blood is now changed, it’s boiled, the platelets aggregate as the vessels constrict, meaning glucose, potassium all electrolytes are charged, levels will INCREASE and pump through the body now. Normal ph balance is no more. (The reason “stress” will kill you) So though he looks like he survived his body inside is still “cooking”.  He may be alive today, like us all, yet we must ask ourselves;  “Has a trauma changed your DNA?”

What have you conditioned yourself to “do”?   How much of the presence of God is in your actions or are they all self centered?

When we have become so accustomed to striving to meet personal wants, our lives become conditioned, almost rote. People around you may even know of your routine and you may not. Whether you want to admit it or not, we are affecting EVERYONE we come in contact with.

We need to discipline ourselves to focus on the Precious Creator who Loves us so much. He wants us to see Him leading us through whatever shadow of death we have to face.   His Grace is Present in EVERY adversity, we must stay focused on His Precious Promise, not forgetting what God has already done.  Every day a priceless GIFT!                                          Yes sometimes we just need to keep our mouths quiet and focus on what is really happening, block out the noise of opinions and see the truth.

No need to strive in my strength, instead lean on Him knowing on earth as it is in Heaven is right here. Not living for the collection of material mansions,  instead BE the temple on earth,  release what’s living inside, refreshing ALL whom you come in contact with … forever more.

Yes, accepting Holy Spirit to come in your lives, leaning not on your own understanding, PRAISING HIM, being still enough to LISTEN to the truth,

the fact of the matter is a shadow of truth yet to come!

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”  

It’s time to travel into the future with His Grace, His Power,  His strength. To be what He created us to be, HIS original plan restored.

Yes it’s time to be living, hoping and the greatest of all of these is loving~  amen

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With watery eyes strolled along the banks of the wetlands.  My life was journeying down a path unknown,  separation from familiar faces who I had grown to love.  No doubt about it,  life was totally going to change.

A day of reckoning, where forces have collaborated to further your well being. You may not recognize this as such, however you know this is exactly what was happening.

Amazing how you can tell your emotional self to “shut up”.   My old nature would have been broadcasting “HELP HELP”,  instead I silence my phone and grab my camera, however my mind was still racing.

Yes, immerse myself in the beauty of nature and see things never seen before. Like a Purple Gallinule who stops and bows! A message was immediately translated to my soul,  thankful  had my camera with me,  who would believe what I just saw?

Walk humbly on my child fear not all is well with your soul . . .

Viewing nature was soothing and certain critters were exposing themselves in a direct way.  This is what Mother Nature is all about. She exposes herself to you, for you.

“What was that bird” a woman photographer asked.  Her and her companion were just shooting away, it made me smile; “Why I believe its a juvenile Night Heron”  Couldn’t say that a year ago and oddly enough this Black Crowned Night Heron was visiting in the morning!

And suddenly as he was there, he was gone.  Had a few moments like this today.  Made me ponder about grace and God’s gift of atonement.  Truly if we tread gently, with kindness, no malice in our hearts, even prehistoric forms radiate hope !

Thankful to walk on this boardwalk. Beauty unfolds at every bend and the Gators swim safely UNDER me!  Dragonflies dart about, so amazing they are and maybe this is the reason we are not bothered by mosquitoes as this is their main diet!  Today they appear to be interlocked, responding within the Season of Spring.

Rounding the bend and the end of the trail spy the most elusive American Bittern!  Usually my friend Betsy finds them and WOW today he is visible!  Betsy has a trained eye and remember her sharing when life changed for her,  when she was forced into an early retirement.

Forces can be good things, it’s all about perspective

Then it hits me,  there will be no demand on me to respond to trauma’s!!  It’s kind of mind blowing,  as in walking the straight path, plumb line kind of way.  Difficult to put into words . . .

He that overcometh shall inherit all things

At this point silence  my murmurings to greet another photographer named Linda.  There we were admiring the cutest nesting bird; the Black Necked Stilt with her long pink legs beneath her.

Another suddenly happened!  This bird stood up and exposed a little nest with four of the cutest speckled eggs and her mate approached and promptly sat down!!  They exchanged places! !

Yes this day would be remembered forever. The messages were clear and the ending just perfect; a Purple Gallinule BATHING!

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Word Power

Personally know not to think much of them; words.  Without action they’re sedentary and this in itself can be a GOOD THING; especially when you hear a statement like; “You are going to be the death of me”   My immediate thought and prayer was;  “May it be the death of your ego my friend. . .”   this kind of death is acceptable don’t you think?

Funny first day off in forever,  went deep into nature to get some exposure to sanity. It’s the only place, feet planted on the ground, treading gently, yes the only place I feel at home. This world can get pretty hairy with corporation greed, yes, in the midst of the discomfort one is purified.

Sometimes my Irish Nature rises, some call it “rebel” which makes me smile. See, my hair stands on end when I sense injustice or “crap”.  Not in my nature to smile and fake sincerity. Nope won’t do it, will learn how to rise above it though. How can one serve in a community of injustice? Easy answer, all one has to do is shift their viewpoint.

When viewing these little owlets found I could hardly breathe fearing they would scoot down and no longer be viewable. Snapped away and then found something AMAZING, they found me just as curious and after awhile they didn’t even look as stern! :)

Again nature had exposed a magnetic moment,  where a young family accepted my presence and Heaven’s portal opened; on Earth as it is in Heaven…no fear…just pure wonder and delight, I call it Eden’s safety zone  where the nature of Heaven shows up!

“Ask, and you will be given what you ask for. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened” Matthew 7:7

I don’t have the proof, only the knowing, then again maybe I do, my camera catches the reflections. See I can sense something is about to happen and the mysterious thing, sometimes you think you saw something and it wasn’t there however you have this “sense” and then BAM all of a sudden it happens; an Eagle appears and snatches a meal, or a butterfly flits by your nose, a bird lands on your head, a Gator jumps up right in front of you!!  It’s a rush indescribable, sometimes I catch it on film, yes it’s these moments I live to share. 

It actually recently happened the other day. Was with my sister and she had shared she always wanted to see a “Siren” it’s one of the largest amphibians in North America and I too never heard of such a thing. Well sis shared how she always wanted to see one and guess what BANG it HAPPENED.


She was so excited sitting in the back seat she couldn’t get out of the car fast enough to snap the shot. I just held my breath like I usually do during these moments and “triggered” the shots and thankfully caught the moment!!!!!  We shared many moments like this as this day constantly presented some amazing spring visions.  Tears of gratefulness streamed my cheeks the whole day long, refreshing was here revitalizing my bones and as always, it’s an honor to share!

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