NEVER AGAIN . . . because you need to share!

IMG_0206 Ever have first moments happen and you think; “WOW this is amazing and how could this EVER be replicated”, you ponder and think;“Why would you want it too?”  and immediately the answer comes BECAUSE YOU WANT TO SHARE!

You can experience the most amazing moment, however if you can’t share, can’t explore the feeling with another, it’s just empty seed spewn into the ground. Yup kinda like masturbating. ANYONE can do this, well, those who have the curiosity to explore their own body that is. Without religious prejudice,; without judgment.  How else can one know what truly gives themselves pleasure?  Yes, how else can one practice; “Love one another as thy self” UNLESS they even attempted to know themselves?  A given right?!! Sadly not always allowed to be ventured. Truly, have been blessed to know both.  Now have the discernment to “know better” and yet, even if one “knows” this not always summizes to “application” and as we ALL know, application is key. It allows one to ascend . . .

I ascended today, whenever this happens I cry for some reason. Must be something with the atmospheric pressure in my soul. And why did I recognize the ascension?  Maybe it’s Easter Season, or maybe it’s because of the “knowing” Yup this doesn’t happen to everyone . . .  so I’m told. And in my old age I realize; don’t need to be told, just need to see . . .   and it confirms once again



Here I was walking through the scrub brush and indeed was visited by nature in a tactile sort of way. When he initially landed I thought “Oh this certainly won’t last” My photographer friend snapped away and the moment was captured!! How else would anyone believe the “miracle” which happened. Well I call it a miracle where some may say “Oh Scrub Jays do this” however, this doing was being done to ME and maybe never again.  This gentle creature visited us and I knew it was an honor!  A portal of Heaven had opened up!


Today I knew, indeed we were blessed!!! and  forever cherishing this moment in time . . .~  The day just got better as a wild swan shared her babies with us!  Have you ever seen such adorable signets???  (just recently learned that name for baby swans)

Oh and look how attentively mamma was watching me!! Yes it was a day of miracles.

We continued on our journey and lo and behold more FIRSTS!!! My first meadowlark!! I heard them and followed them scampering through the brush.

The sound was heavenly which they made; to say I was speechless is well what I indeed was! And then it happened, another miracle, SHE POSED FOR ME!! :)

Yes, the day was filled with these “never again”;  moments, the place where portals of heaven open and all you have to be is present to see.


It indeed happened, again I have been changed, witnessed a miracle, this time someone else was with me

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Curious on a Cloudy Day

It initially starts out like most Treks, hearing the sounds of nature, feeling the breeze and noting the reflected sunlight and then it happens, they are the one’s who become curious! They fly in sometimes so close I can barely contain them in my lens!

Amazing displays and if I didn’t have my camera to catch these encounters might just think it was a mirage. Like the above boat tailed Grackle, a female displaying her beauty, such details in her feathers and her eyes so poignantly fixed, do believe she was attempting to communicate.

Almost missed this Limpkin. Quietly it was resting in the reeds barely moving. Gentle brown eyes, who would guess this was the character who screeches its vocal chords out when it wants to mate.  Today his itch was scratched and silent he was, handsomely displaying his feathered wing.

Always nature leaves me in awe. It doesn’t matter how many times I see the same species the moment is always strikingly refreshing. Maybe this can be said about any relationship, if you don’t take “it” for granted then the circle of life energizes, cleanses. replenishes hope.

Nature doesn’t abuse, she doesn’t degrade, humiliate or manipulate nor try to control you, she doesn’t, its not in her nature, maybe this is why they can fly

It was approaching sunset when this tern came diving twirling and parting the atmosphere with a determined effort, however he made hunting for fish look effortless and balancing like breathing. Their presence truly is amazing grace.

As night approached so did the Black Crowned Night Heron, with sheer delight captured this juvenile. And to think, never even knew these birds existed a few years ago.

Did you know the blackbird has little feathers which blow up like balloons on their wings?

Didn’t notice alot of things until time was spent watching and capturing amazing nature on film. Just take a look at the Cormorant below!! :) Comically refreshing!

“I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in”  George Washington Carver

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A Little Bit More

Yesterday was asked if I wanted to leave work early. Brought my heart fully charged with exactly this thought.  A finance minded co-worker replied; “You are going to lose @#$ overtime pay!” my response; “It’s worth every dime”

There was a cool breeze and the sun casting rich reflective beams on our Florida Wetlands. In the shade found the cast almost magical, truly one can’t purchase these imprints which refresh a memory so personal.

It’s difficult to explain then again, no one is asking, they just think you’re peculiar as your desire and goals aren’t quite the same. Walking into the entrance, right where a bobcat appeared one day, flew this dove. She hovered and landed directly in front of me, so close almost couldn’t focus my 400 mm lens.  Backed up as far as possible and snapped, oh she was profoundly adorable!

Continued on the path when I heard stomps and clicks. There was this little girl yelling to her family each new animal she saw. Her mother shared how their daughter was compiling a report on the “Night Heron” and they were hoping to get a picture for her project due next month.

It was a joy to share, to witness the excitement and families enjoying the sights. Was overcome with emotion and thankfulness as nature was doing its best pleasing the humans present.  Even Mr Crookedjaw ascended from the depths and looked our way.

(Put a little arrow in the photo below so you can see his tooth and jawline)

Sunset was spent with my favorite bird the Great Blue Heron. Such concentration, standing without blinking or moving, breathed in his presence and encountered a question;

“Are you willing to dive into the watery depths of your own feelings and discover the role of your spiritual essence?” 

Yes we can be still and listen, however are we honest enough to answer? Sometimes we are trapped by an unseen web, fears of inadequacy and forget the realm of what is meant to be, yes our very own heart beguiles us.

Take flight my child, those wings were for a time as this be not conformed to the circumstances, rather rise to the promise and leave your past behind”

If you think about it, formed in a human womb we emerge naked and helpless.  Truly it’s a miracle we even made it thus far! So why are we here?! Well, to get people to move out of our space of course!

Or maybe it’s for a little bit more . . .

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Turmoil in Modern Times

Recently read a quote which made me grimace. My response could be connected with the recent Netflix drama my husband and I have been watching about the life of King Henry VIII. Here is the quote;

“I have begun to believe that I have intellectually and emotionally outgrown my husband. However, I’m not really sure what this means or what I should do. Maybe this feeling is normal and I should ignore it and continue my present relationship. This seems to be the safest route. Maybe I should seek a lover while continuing with my husband. Then again, maybe I should start anew and hope for a beautiful ending with or without a better mate”

If you study nature you can see many species mate for life;  swans, doves, bald eagles, gibbons, angel fish, wolves, even termites! Then of course I think of the female spider eating her mate after conjugation; the black widow. See female spiders don’t always recognize their own species and all spiders are cannibalistic, so the smaller male spider, is at a great disadvantage.

Males engage in a lengthy and subtle courtship ritual that lulls the female into the right mood. Every move the male makes has to be just right or it’s all over for him.  Sometimes it’s all over for him no matter what he does. These would be the near-starving females that are more worried about food than reproduction.  After mating,  which may take some time, the female gradually returns to her normal state of mind – which includes eating anything smaller than her, including mates.

If the male is foolish enough to hang out in the web too long, it becomes lunch. Most males skip out immediately and look for another female (sound familiar?) Alas we are human, we have evolved, we have a soul, yes, we have a conscious!  Which brings me back to thoughts of King Henry and his sixteenth century choices and the quote above.  Heck we all face turmoil, hopefully experienced the rush of passion and know love. We all have appreciated beauty in nature and recognize this in each other . . . . so why the turmoil?

Because deep down we have needs, wants and an agenda. Thoughts rush back to the drama;  The Tudors.    King Henry wanted a male offspring, a son, one who would reflect his glory and in his heart. he believed Anne would be the vessel.   So powerfully attracted, would this man so in love ever think that after a few years his feelings for Anne would grow from love to hate? Probably – not.  And certainly every woman or man married today, knowing it would end in divorce, would they really choose to marry? !

Yes, maybe turmoil can be expressed as a WAVE! Feelings rolling over the top of an ocean, or through the air which caress your face, or the electromagnetic type, so amazingly charged and communication combusts, allowing one to bend reality.

So why do we doubt a love we once had?  Or maybe it’s as simple as learning to ride the waves of change. Waves are natural, waves come and go and definitely are relentless this is a fact, however the truth remains,  we evolve, and what we fear will come to pass.

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship”  Buddha

Conquering your own demons of self doubt you will indeed walk on the water’s  for a portal of understanding will open, the covenant of love between you and our Creator will flow. You realize you do not walk alone and in the stillness you may even hear~

“Darling I love you just as you are”

Yup turmoil is the same today as it was in King Henry’s day, so was the music,  the lawyers, the politics, the mistresses, the clothes were different,  technology wasn’t present yet, however,  as passion consumes guess what, we all end up nakedly exposed.

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Carlin Dog Park in Jupiter Florida

It was my husbands Birthday and he said “Lets spend it with the kids And that’s exactly what we did! Initially we were going to rent a seaside bungalow, then thoughts with our dear friends up north, however time was of the essence, needed to coordinate with family ASAP!

This can be difficult due to work schedules and already knew my son was working this weekend; Erica and her boyfriend also working late and it was too last minute for Lisa and Lisa, Mom is fragile and can’t take the late nights (Bill loves to fish till the moon rises) and Peter and Kateri work all the time so ELENA HAS TO SHOW UP!!!

Elena, my daughter the Entrepreneur. . .”Guru”  brilliant child of ours, self employed and thankful she will meet us halfway!! My other children are in Ontario, therefore visits occur when it’s time to defrost!!!  So down the trail to the beach we go! Made a little video for those who like to watch the ocean

Love watching the dogs play in the surf, today would remember to bring the good camera and capture them while they romp and play.  This little guy ended up being my favorite, he was fearless watching over his human mom!

His sister was a lean Rottweiler and gosh she was a strong swimmer, all so playful and you could see they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you never visited would encourage you to do so. It’s so peaceful; just take I95 Jupiter Exit, go east as far as you can go, till it ends at A1A and bare right, travel 4 miles, passing the Reef club and high rises, past Carlin Park entrance and you’ll hit a barren patch. This is where you’ll see the Sea Grapes and get this, NO METERED PARKING. A magical place indeed.

The day was incredible, the surf totally wild and the moments captured would be remembered for a lifetime

and it just may take me that long to remove the sand from my body

I think my grandson got a kick out of watching the waves toss his Granny around!

It reminds me of what my dad use to say; “Surfs up Snots Out”  He would have enjoyed this day with us. It’s almost three years to the day since he left us.

 So serene, this day presented us with so many things to be thankful for!

The gorgeous weather, invigorating surf, friendly dogs, natures wonders, gentle breeze and warm sun… yes

Even a caught meal, blue fish, 4lbs 22 inches long!

Thank you Father, for my awesome family, for Your wonderful creations, visitations seen and unseen, for the knowing just how much You love us Yes Father thank you for Your Grace, which sustains us, refuels us, GRANTS US SUCH JOY!!!

Oh Father to this be the Glory and Honor and Praise, forever more of on Earth as it is in Heaven..yes to this, the simple pure unadulterated Nature of YOU! Thank you for making us fishers of men, thank you for letting me recognize Your Nature in my Spouse, a miracle indeed Thank you for Honoring his request, opening up yet another portal of Grace, oh Boundless Almighty One, a humble bow and tears flowing thank you.

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What do Hawks and Medicare have in common?

Hubby will be turning 65 tomorrow. He said; “Come on lets go for a walk I want to show you something” .  He rarely asks me to join him, thinking it odd and a “sign” grabbed my camera and off we went.

During our stroll with the pups he shared his thoughts about life, hitting medicare age and again found myself tearing up.  Not sure what he wanted to show me “out there” however he did show me his heart his fears and frustration.

Looking up I spied this little raptor and snapped some shots. Just a fur ball swaying on a power line from afar. So excited to see one out on our walk as oddly no animals in sight!

She was a cutie alright, maybe a female Kestrel won’t be sure till we get home and “upload”.  Knew a message was being filtered through us as this little bird was the only bit of nature we initially spied on this breezy day, this day of remembrance. Hubby went on to share;

“Honey we use to have this huge Cotton Wood tree and it had a hole in it and every year, what you called Kestrels we called “Sparrow Hawks”, well they looked just like that one and they would nest in it, they would teach their chicks how to fly”

His eyes were twinkling as he was recalling these moments.

“When the chicks were ready to fly these parents would  grab them in their talons and drop them from the tippity top of that tree. They would at first sloppily hover into the pasture below”

From his account, this scenario continued until they could fly on their own.  Wow what amazing parents raptors are.  Came across an interesting read by Starstuffs called Dictionary of Birds 

Riveting what they said about sighting a Kestrel;

  • Kestrel teaches speed and action of thoughts must be done with a balance mind and heart along with patience to act at the opportune time.  A hovering Kestrel teaches when to strike so be patient in waiting. Meditate on the wind to uplift you. She teaches great depth perception in spiritual and relationship matters. Listen to what is not being said. The home front may need attention; relationships, remodeling, repair even moving to another location. Kestrels are extremely sensitive to light and will aid in seeing what is normally hidden. She aids in seeking out truths with clarity by illuminating the path.

redHe couldn’t believe how time was flying, his frustration with “lack of funds” how he missed his children and grand kids and it was then a breeze took our breath away. It truly was a gorgeous day, held his hand, kissed his cheek and thought “Just look how prosperous we are” yet we forget, we forget these moments and this is when one ages.  Nope we weren’t aging today . . .

The sky so blue, mango trees in full bloom, the sign of fruit yet to come

Then I heard the cooing of the dove and she was looking right at us

I read;

  • Messenger of Peace, love, joy and gentleness, prophecy of good things, maternity instincts, awakening to promise of future with clarity. Dove shows us how to walk between the physical and spiritual world. She aids in tapping our creative energies and stirring the emotions. It is time for creativity and expressing oneself. Are you listening to the messages at this time? Doves bring hope of a new beginning and will show there is peace arriving. Pigeon shows how to bring peace, love and understanding to situations and teaches us the art of communication and cooperation. Are you compassionate toward others? Perhaps it is a time for forgiveness? It is a time to express appreciation and gratitude of brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and parents for family brings us unconditional sense of belonging. Dove teaches many lessons of home: love, security, fertility and family.

and I exhale . . .

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My friends I now have my very own web site

My son challenged me to create “my own domain” and I welcome you to join me here; SACRED NATURE SPEAKS I will be selling my art @ this web site SOON Image

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