Made a Decision to See the Sunrise

“Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.”
― Roman Payne

Blessed to have one of those friends who loves to investigate Nature and the Wild like I do. So when she called one day last month and suggested a trek was overjoyed to make the time. First on the agenda? Get up early and catch the sunrise of course!!

Our Baptism was complete now to immerse ourselves in NATURE! Our plan was to search out nesting seabirds, heard there was some roped off areas at the Sebastian Inlet, we were STOKED! After all last venture we spied a juvenile Yellow Crowned Night Heron attempting to consume a crab AND the crab attempting to CLIMB BACK OUT OF ITS THROAT! Yup it was caught on video!! In case you missed it will upload here for you!

Every adventure we see some incredible stuff. Today it would be no different except for the eerie realization there was not ONE bird on the beach. Initially it freaked us out. True it was stoking hot but come on NO BIRDS? And then he emerged

It was a crazy thing to witness, he almost got submerged by waves yet so agile indeed, scooping up the tiniest of fish, we certainly didn’t see them in the surf!

The waves were full and the water pristine! If I didn’t have my equipment and a towel would have dove in there myself Yes adulthood rations out tempered actions.


This bird was so entertaining, he knew I was looking at him too. He had our undivided attention. Looks like we were a day late and could have seen babies yesterday or early that morn!  Yet today we had the gift of this  precious gull or juve Petrel whatever he was, soaring back and forth showing us how to fish.

I loved it when he looked right at me with each catch as if to say “SEE”!

We decided to check out the intracostal and found many gulls, cormorants and terns with an occasional duck flyby! Yeah BIRDS!! Maybe they were waking up as the heat of the day even kept them seeking shade! They were breathtaking to watch

It was time to regroup, hydrate and get under the cool AC. Heard Click Ponds in Viera was being drained and visited by a whole slew of birds so off we went. Traveling west now leaving the sea behind made me feel sad in a way. There is something wild and exhilarating at the ocean. And the sea creatures don’t need oxygen like we do. Spying them is a sweet surprise, like this young sea turtle who poked his head up unexpectedly!

Arriving at Click Ponds we found we were the only photographers there, imagine that! Couldn’t be the 92 degree weather?  At first it was stifling then the temperature didn’t matter, out of the blue this Stilt started soaring into the sly chasing a large raptor OH BOY this meant one thing, we might see BABY STILTS!!! The last time I spied these long pink legged birds was at Green Cay in Delray FLorida, it had been almost one year to the day so I was stoked!  Marsh birds are very shy and can hide quickly, we were armed and ready!

Had no idea Stilts were fearless parents!  This pair was chasing off ANY who came near their wee little ones! We spied three!  OH THEY WERE PRECIOUS! Like witnessing the Purple Gallinule for the first time, speechless.  And then lo and behold we saw what looked like little bumble bees in the grass!! A pair of Whistling Ducks were fruitful indeed!

However as soon as they spied humans they herded their chicks straight away. So different here then at the wetlands down south, there the bird habitat were not as fearful Thankful I spied these precious families. Had to crop the one pic of little bumble bee under mamma’s wing This is when I wish I had a 600 mm lens

Composing this blog just got word my Uncle died. He was a gifted artist and to quote “Through art,” he says, “I found a sense of inner peace. In art, I found my bliss.” Richard Beaulieu

I pause and with tears streaming for the man I thought I didn’t know, reading his words it hits me. We understood each other quite well.

Lights flicker in the house and the brown out leaves me rebooting. Thought the timing was oddly perfect and the message received. I will continue my life without any regrets, making time for the adventure while dusting off any thoughts of rejection.

Read a quote the other day and it smacked me, you know BAM. “Giving up reduces your life,  letting go expands it”   Sometimes we think we had to give something up,  someone divorced you from something you cherished.  Or a loved one was taken from you, unmercifully.  Life has a way of smacking us up the side of our hearts and we don’t hemorrhage?! Tear ducts might, Jesus comes to mind.  He didn’t give up when he went to the cross. He wasn’t dragged.  He never attempted to defend himself.  And when He finally spoke it was; “forgive them Father for they know not what they do”  and resurrection happened.

We have to die to the judgement of others tho remembering He showed us “the way”.  Ahh to live a life in resurgence, authentically, without fear without malice without defilement.  It’s a hard concept to swallow . Mr Anhinga has no problem whatsoever!

So Betsy and I continued down this dirt road searching out Meadowlarks. We could hear them but couldn’t see them. It was scorching,  windows down AC off so we could hear, driving around five miles an hour searching intently when the earth literally shook,  a freakin COW ran up the side of a canal and came barreling out behind us. I thought she was going to come through our window, however fear left us with another suddenly, concentration shifted as a Meadowlark perched directly in front of us.  Oh we just clicked and filmed the moment!

Took my breath away, ok where did the cow go?! It wasn’t difficult to find her, sweet thing asking myself now why we eat meat?!

O gentle beast who broke the fence down to get a drink from the canal scaring two humans and a meadowlark. Thank you

It was approaching dusk. We had a full day and didn’t expect to see what we did. Thanking God for Mother Nature, thinking about the nature of man, my childhood and the moment.

Creator heard my thoughts we experienced one more precious sight; BAMBI! Peering through the woods mamma deer watched me intensely. Thankful she let me see her little one.

“I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes.” ~ E.E.Cummings

About Brenda

"Brenda adores the birds. She is enchanted with their grace, their beauty. It was the birds and being out among them that gave her the peace she so needed and forged a new passion She uses a camera to capture those incredible moments, to savor them and share them with others. For her the camera was freedom. Brenda spent her life healing others, and dealing with incredible pain and despair. The world of birds and nature and photography was what she turned to in order to see the beautiful side of the world" -Eric Curtis Cummings
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4 Responses to Made a Decision to See the Sunrise

  1. Myke Todd says:

    You were all over the place with this blog, and I enjoyed every direction it took.

    Very sorry for the passing of your uncle…

    • Brenda says:

      Started this blog so to :take my mom with me: as she can’t take the heat, wind blowing in her “bad ear” and her eyes are failing now. It was her last bro that died, only two of them left now; two out of 13. It’s scary for her, she loves our adventures here!

      Thank you Myke for keeping up with me!!!!!!!! LOL and enjoying the journey…its what i love to do… for these moments to share!

  2. bstibal says:

    I am so glad you posted the link to this today. This was the first time I read it. I remember that day so well. What a great day. We always seem to have a good time, even when the critters aren’t as cooperative as we would like them to be. This blog brought that day back to me.

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