Dance on the Waters

Simple beauty, elegant and divine

Spending time in Nature makes sense of things . . . all the time~

A message a meaning spoke right to the heart

Makes me tingle knowing we are not so far apart

Free to see the hidden things now

Even while they are on the prowl!

The message is received while they look deep in your soul

they fear you not,  they were waiting for you to approach this goal!

The aim of knowing the reason for the situation at hand

While living in this strange land!

Strange to see lack of love and kindness towards others

Even among the ones that are brother’s

You see it even happens with them . . .

You learn demanding respect for your boundaries is key

If you desire to keep your land free~

Then will you soar as you genuinely see 

It doesn’t matter what waters you course

You paddle on and now know . . . you’re not their Source; 

Finally you get it and got it good!

It doesn’t even matter if you’re understood!

If you make yourself their Source, then how will they ever learn to support themselves and grow? *this excerpt taken from the book; “Assertiveness for Earth Angels; How to Be Loving Instead of “Too Nice”*

Yes it’s time to finally . . . let control go~ “

About Brenda

"Brenda adores the birds. She is enchanted with their grace, their beauty. It was the birds and being out among them that gave her the peace she so needed and forged a new passion She uses a camera to capture those incredible moments, to savor them and share them with others. For her the camera was freedom. Brenda spent her life healing others, and dealing with incredible pain and despair. The world of birds and nature and photography was what she turned to in order to see the beautiful side of the world" -Eric Curtis Cummings
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3 Responses to Dance on the Waters

  1. Beth says:

    That last guy looks a little like me first thing in the morning. ;O)

  2. Lorik says:

    Beautiful….all of them. And I love the elegant dancing bird!

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