His Promise for us, for those who dare…to believe!

OXYGEN VOLUME 13Not sure how to write this . . . still in shock and digesting everything witnessed.

Love driving this route to and from work because it’s relaxing, unlike 195 rush,  A1A, is a 35 mile an hour ride, full of sunrise beach sites, mansions, and it’s a place inhabited by souls who have made it “financially”. Admire this, not covet and that was my prayer actually. “Father, on earth as it is with You” And it hit me.

As fleeting as this life is, we have something waiting for us that NO man can imagine, His Promise to us, for those who believe. And yet, even those who do know, do believe still strive, still have hidden fears, still are anxious and they (me) bring this with them to work,  e v e r y w h e r e  they go THIS is present, in one state or another so they (me) exist within their weakness. Help is “surface”, work is a “job”, friendship with the Father has been displaced and presence is lukewarm and you (me) may not realize it, living is existing within the X factor. Doing this function for “X Y Zzzzzzz“.

Maybe if you’re young, passion fuels you to a climatic union. If you have a family you live for your children now, yet where is your (my) understanding?  Communicating, compassion,  is fleeting as you must work away from the ones you love to support “financially”.  So you bond with some at work and you plan “Meet Ups” and you have places to share and occasional family reunions, heck you may even travel to Europe and its all about the latest “Bucket List” excursions, your latest novel, book or blog . . . for what?

Ok so maybe this is a :mid life crisis: flow of thought here, however why did Jesus do what He did and say what He said as He was being crucified on a cross?

“Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”

003Today a trauma came in, of course many visit us at our Level 1 center. Motor Vehicle Accident’s, Falls, Shootings, Animal mauling’s, Suicide attempts and the occasional Electrocutions. You think you’ve seen it all, however, this was a personal first.

Today a man was moving tree, holds tree at base and unknown to him branches touch power chords. Bolt travels through tree, through man and exits feet. Exit wounds in both feet, slit wide and larger then a golf ball, his socks melted into his feet. His flesh looks like a bad sun burn and he’s alive. He is on a 2l n/c and stable, talking, one (me) would think initially “a miracle”, however this is not the case. His inside has changed, he’s still “cooking” its like a “microwave” zap. All his blood is now changed, it’s boiled, the platelets aggregate as the vessels constrict, meaning glucose, potassium all electrolytes are charged, levels will INCREASE and pump through the body now. Normal ph balance is no more. (The reason “stress” will kill you) So tho he looks like he survived his body inside is still “cooking”. He may be alive today, like us all, yet we must ask ourselves;

“Has a trauma changed your DNA?”

If we don’t acknowledge God in our day, guess what, your life has become a routine. What have you conditioned yourself to “do”? How much of the presence of God in your actions or are they all self centered?  We (me) have become so accustomed to NOT having God present, our (my) life has become “lukewarm”. We take with us a condition of illness everywhere and whether you want to admit or not you (me) are affecting EVERYONE you come in contact with.

We need to discipline ourselves to focus on the Precious Creator who Loves us so much. He wants us to SEE HIM LEADING US THROUGH WHATEVER SHADOW OF DEATH we have to face.  His Grace is Present in EVERY adversity, we must (I) stay focused on His Precious Promise, not forgetting what God HAS DONE. Never forgetting what God has done for us when living is VIBRANT EVERY DAY!!!

No need to strive in my strength, leaning on Him knowing on earth as it is in Heaven IS RIGHT HERE.  Now open your eyes (my eyes) to SEE HIS PROMISE. Not living for mansions on earth, BE the temple on earth RIGHT NOW RIGHT HERE LIVING INSIDE OF ME (you!) refreshing ALL you (me) come in contact with … forever more. Accepting Holy Spirit to come in your lives, leaning not on your own understanding, PRAISING HIM, being still enough to LISTEN to the truth, the facts of the matter were a shadow of the truth yet to come!  Obedient to grace, to love, letting go of the shadows of the past and walking in the truth and now letting your shadow heal. He said to me (us)  “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”  WOW  

It’s time to travel into the future with His Grace, His Power, His strength. To be what He created us to be, HIS original plan restored. It’s time to stop living just for me. amen

Addendum: Father God in Heaven and on earth, thank you for the breath, for the hope, for the joy and the pain of all this process called Life. You who sacrificed Your beloved son, Yesuha, Jesus of Nazareth, embodied with Your pure essence, visited us once long ago to show us the way, Your truth, Your Life. We negligent, for whatever reason, have lost sight of this profound Knowing, Living, .. Loving. Father forgive me. Father touch this man who came in as a trauma, the one who was just attempting to secure another days pay for himself and his family. He too, unaware of deaths promise was numbly shocked into a “suddenly”. Father touch his heart, his mind his BLOOD, heal his inners as Your Son’s blood was shed for a time and season just like this. Blanket him with Your Love Father that he too may know of this promise. His feet display wounds as my Saviors, the pain and fear in his eyes also a familiar knowing, O Beloved Master of the Universe, Holy Jehovah, Great Messiah of All, touch this man and men like him with a Grace of Knowing and Healing so they too may reach out with a breath of  i love You. Forgive me. Make me, re create me Right o Lamb of God, take away the sins of my youth, generational sins of my Fathers, set me aright so to eat at Your table o Lord, Majestic One, Have Mercy, Grace me with the Knowing of Your Son, Your heartbeat, Your loving awe, so i too can breathe hope unto my brothers and sisters, so You may have All the Honor, All the Praise, All the Majestic Glory where deep calls unto deep and Love washes away all doubt, all misery, all sin, and Living is hallowed, our daily bread a miraculous consumption. Where faith creates hope and holy love abounds. Amen

About Brenda

"Brenda adores the birds. She is enchanted with their grace, their beauty. It was the birds and being out among them that gave her the peace she so needed and forged a new passion She uses a camera to capture those incredible moments, to savor them and share them with others. For her the camera was freedom. Brenda spent her life healing others, and dealing with incredible pain and despair. The world of birds and nature and photography was what she turned to in order to see the beautiful side of the world" -Eric Curtis Cummings
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6 Responses to His Promise for us, for those who dare…to believe!

  1. Terri Warner says:


    Is this what you meant when you wrote “something BIG is going to happen in (our) Church”?  I thought you said you were coming to the service? Anyway, it was what you dared to put on paper!!  It is the time and the place to travel with His Divine Presence.  Are we all ready?!?  Then, lets GO!! LOL

    Love you very much,



  2. Jo Heroux says:

    I carry Him inside of me daily, you do as well. For is He is with us always, even when we refuse to see Him. It’s all about love, faith and living the gift He has given each of us.

    Inspiring, Brenda. 💙

    • Brenda says:

      “Living the Gift” yes Living His gift. Was reading about Daniel this morning, Even when the law changed he continued to Honor, and everything was devised to “dishonor” him. They (his accusers, the ones who were jealous of him) couldn’t find anything dishonorable, no evidence of negligence or misconduct. “We are going to have to cook up something” Daniel 6:4-5 And it hits me hard “Three times a day he knelt there in prayer, thanking and Praising God”. Daniel’s heart, through obedience, had a personal relationship with God, he talked to him 3x a day! Maybe his obedience led him in a routine but he “asked God for help” he was a friend of Gods, he had conversation with him, he made it a personal preference to HONOR HIM!

      And indeed, when thrown “in the Lions Den” the King (overseer of Davids job on earth) was heard saying “Your God, to whom you are so loyal, is going to get you out of this” and in response Daniel the next day says “Oh King I have been found innocent before God (and also before you), I’ve done nothing to harm you”. It hits me again…we so need to pray whoever we work for on earth, wow, all this happened because of jealousy. Those men were jealous of Daniel and they were attempting to convince their “King” Daniel was trying to “discredit” “dishonor” him. Eventually He figured it out and what was planned for Daniel indeed boomeranged back on them, not only them but their wives and children!!! The ‘curse was reversed’, karma, ‘reaping what you sow’ certainly comes to pass.

      It hits me again how our actions affect all we love. Our Living God saved Daniel and He can save anyone, if they would just believe, so they too may live in Abundant peace, here right now, in any economy, in any home, with any trauma… “IF” again, we must choose this day.

  3. Terri Warner says:

    Brenda, Your New Post was so “right on”, I re-read it early this morning, you put a lot of truth and much labor into it’s discourse. Believe me when I say, you have so stepped into the supernatural realm when you put your writing on the line for faith to be your signature.  I cringed when I read about the man with his body still cooking and all the suffering he is going through and thinking how this is what ‘man’ is doing to himself when he refuses to submit to His Maker, what a slow death of “cooking” until his body has turned to ashes without knowing what had gripped him.

    As always Brenda, your writing is very revealing of what is on your heart, and what you have digested from the teachings of the Word. So wanted to tell you this (have been in a hurry of late) without giving much

    time in my reading.

    Keep giving your thoughts on your post, it can stirmany that you may not know who it touches in the inner core of the heart.  Love you so much!!!!



  4. sylviebranch says:

    Brenda, this post is amazing. Thank you for being so transparent and stirring up the faithful …and unfaithful alike.

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