Sunsets of Life While One EXITS the HIGHWAY!

What an amazing time in our lives right now. Invitation to visit my family in Canada was accepted and to hear my children state;  “Renovation in Progress”, makes my heart swell. Their renovations were our dreams of long ago! So thankfull we decided to exit the craziness of our lives, yes, exit the highway!back yard_fhdrYou choose to live, love and get up after the falls, even stronger.

Canadian Canoe Trip 2013 477Tears burn away the unseen paths of ignorance,  vision reinstates and the heart establishes grace as its compass. Baptism is complete, change embraced and hope lunges you forward.

CANADA 2013 001Saw these lilacs in their yard and their odor struck that chord of remembrance. Immediately it invoked memories of my youth. Didn’t care much about them then, yet today, latent joy,  skimming rocks and so thankful for every moment.

CANADA 2013 033Their scheduled canoe trip was definitely an eye opener. Nine couples venturing out with the most remarkable collaboration. One family had the trailer to help bring the canoes to the starting point, vehicles to transport, others bringing food for the end point and camera’s to capture the moments! Each participant sharing their talents for the benefit of the whole.

THE GIRLSYes, if it wasn’t for fertile wombs, fostering minds, fermenting love! Embracing each stroke, with all those climatic endpoints, they secured the destination! ave n rob_fhdrWet with excitement we journey on,

TOBY, their beloved Rottweiler

confident knowing and actions made it all worthwhile~

“Hermione” our daughter’s cat

This evening as we were enjoying the sunset, it hits me, this 24/7  thing called living.  The challenge, never doubt or be sequestered by fear because in the end

Ontario Sunset 2013

as one of my greatest mentors shared in his last days on earth;
“We Win!”

About Brenda

"Brenda adores the birds. She is enchanted with their grace, their beauty. It was the birds and being out among them that gave her the peace she so needed and forged a new passion She uses a camera to capture those incredible moments, to savor them and share them with others. For her the camera was freedom. Brenda spent her life healing others, and dealing with incredible pain and despair. The world of birds and nature and photography was what she turned to in order to see the beautiful side of the world" -Eric Curtis Cummings
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10 Responses to Sunsets of Life While One EXITS the HIGHWAY!

  1. Jo Heroux says:

    I love every shot and every word.

  2. Excellent post. Beautiful posts and great outlook on life. Thank you.

  3. Wow! I am amazed by the beauty of your words and photos! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Leovi says:

    Some wonderful photos, lovely light, color great! My favorite is the canoes!

  5. Mary Martha says:

    Brenda, you are a special lady. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  6. Beautiful collection of images – especially your daughter’s cat and your MoM contribution. The contrast between the orange sun coming through and that purple is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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