“You determine the WHAT and leave the HOW to God”

Ever do this? Just randomly open a book and point. My writers group assignment this week was ; Pick a Line from a Book and Write from There

So I grabbed the closest book to me, closed my eyes, (made a sign of the cross over it first, don’t know why I do this, think it’s a habit from childhood, symbolic gesture of letting the spirit within me have control) and I read in bold black; “The secret of success is you determine WHAT you want and leave the HOW to God” from Cause #11 by Leonard Rubino’s book Success and Happiness.

It was an interesting read about Over Caution and the author reiterates; when a person doesn’t take chances he usually ends up with “the crumbs of the deal”. Over caution is as bad as under-caution, both extremes and good to avoid. And then i think..

My thoughts drift, sipping on a class of red Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, a gift from a neighbor.  He’s a sweet man, doesn’t know how to fix a thing, even when we lend out our drill or nail gun, he humbly would come back and ask “How do I use this?”.

If any of you readers know my husband, he will never take money from a friend or neighbor. This is what I love about him, genuine giver and helper of the community. If you meet him and your kind, you will become a friend forever. He reminds me of my daughters spouses; do anything for anyone in need. In Ontario, just about every weekend, friends meet, help to complete projects and end the day they sup together. And what do they do when no needs in the community? Yup, they play hard!

And then I sip in some more thoughts and tear up; why is it so difficult to leave the how to God?  Yup, believe the answer is f e a r.  And how does one alleviate themselves of such distraction, this false evidence?

Check this out, about fear vs anxiety

Stay kind, look the arseholes in the eye and smile. If they are treating you in a way that is unfair, untrue, or maybe threatening to take away something you worked eighty hours a week for? Know this, YOU are not the thief. Stay true to yourself..read the message and adhere to it in the twilight of hope, letting God launch you forth into the Promised Land.

Yup..SMILE, don’t evah let the “wants” in this life, steal the need God has seeded deep within you.

About Brenda

"Brenda adores the birds. She is enchanted with their grace, their beauty. It was the birds and being out among them that gave her the peace she so needed and forged a new passion She uses a camera to capture those incredible moments, to savor them and share them with others. For her the camera was freedom. Brenda spent her life healing others, and dealing with incredible pain and despair. The world of birds and nature and photography was what she turned to in order to see the beautiful side of the world" -Eric Curtis Cummings
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12 Responses to “You determine the WHAT and leave the HOW to God”

  1. Jo says:

    I think I agree and I think God can handle it, if you give him a chance. ♥
    It isn’t hard, it’s just a learned behavior.

    • drchoneydew says:

      it isn’t hard..like “draw something” just have to go with the inspiration right? LOL even if one does have a heavy finger…heart. In the end..GOD WORKS IT OUT if we just TRUST…not man..but HIS grace..amen

  2. I agree with the quote but often find it difficult to let go of all control. God and I are working on it though!

  3. Joyce says:

    Strong, deep, well written post. So you randomly opened a book and pointed? I chose the book I’ve been reading this month and started at the beginning. Thanks for the visit.


    • drchoneydew says:

      Yup I truly did..a book my sons “old” boss gave me, a signed edition. I was so frustrated before this written thought process..now have clarity. Strange how writing can do that…and yes..thank YOU for the visit :0)

  4. Amy Morgan says:

    What a heartfelt and thoughtful piece. And the words and the pictures are just so beautiful together. Thank you for sharing this and giving me something to mull over with my own glass of Cabernet Sauvignon!

  5. Suzy says:

    Love the quote and so agree. And the picture is beautiful too.

  6. Word Nerd says:

    I think this is my favorite of your posts, thus far. The truth in it is simple and certain. I’m working on the letting it go part. ;O)

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